woensdag 7 januari 2015

5 Goals for 2015

Here's a fun fact for y'all: it is 2015 already. Wow. I mean, I won't say 2014 has flown by, because really, it hasn't. But I do still remember that I wrote some new years goals on my blog and how I was determined to reach every single one of them. I think I only reached one: going to concerts. I went to a few this year. The one I failed so, so bad is my goal to read 50 books. Why on earth did I set a goal to reach 50 books? I think I finished one: Uncle Tom's Cabin. The fact that I only read one book in 365 days makes me very sad. I love reading. Even though all the texts and articles I had to read for my study last year could altogether count as a book, it doesn't. So this year, I will set goals again, very bravely and again with every intent to reach them all, but this year they will be a lot more realistic.

1.  I will read at least 10 books. This might sound as very few books, but, do take in mind that with all the reading for my study, I read enough already and I sometimes get tired of reading, and so I don't read.

2. Write at least twice a month on this blog. This is hard as my life is boring but I'll give it a try.

3. Go to Crossfit at least two times a week. I went yesterday and every physical move hurts. It works. And it hurts.

4. DO NOT PROCRASTINATE. This needs to be in capitals because I think I failed this entire semester due to procrastinating: I wrote a mid-term essay the night before. So for this semester, and this new year in general, I will have to stop procrastinating. Really, if you can do it now, do it now, and not wait for another moment because there probably wont be another good moment like there is now.

5. Read the newspapers/watch the news.

I really think these are things I can actually really reach, they;re not that hard. Right? It just needs persistence and no procrastination at all. That's where I go wrong all the time.


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