zondag 26 januari 2014

Jamie Campbell Bower and more

Hello there friends,

As you might have read in my first (and previous) blogpost, a 2014 goal was to write every week. It failed. I was supposed to write the week before but didn't simply because I forgot and when I thought of writing, I was being a lazy ass and didn't write. I apologize. Here's a blogpost though haha.

Another 2014 goal was to visit at least 3 concerts this year. 1 out of 3 is done! Monday January 20th, I went to the Maroon 5 concert in Amsterdam, and I absolutely loved it! The support acts were PJ Morton and Robin Thicke and they both were really good! Robin Thicke is a great performer! Of course, I loved see Maroon 5 perform the best, because well... Adam Levine. He is one sexy man, isn't he? Sigh *drools*. During the first few songs he started unbuttoning his blouse, and my friend and I were both screaming because what is better than a shirtless Adam? Well nothing. So when he unbuttoned his blouse, it showed that he was wearing a shirt underneath it. Bummer. Ah well, the shirt did show his arm muscles <3 <3 haha :P The second concert of this year will be The1975, performing in Paradiso Amsterdam in March. I can't wait already!!! I am not that much of a fan (okay maybe I am. I have been sort of stalking them for the past weeks. And you have to admit Matty's sexy looks and voice), but still am so excited! I expect a really cute, 'cozy', fun gig!

Adam Levine in Amsterdam

Oh look at his muscles!

Now, let's talk Jamie Campbell Bower. He is one handsome, sexy, attractive, elegant, charming male. Seriously, I am in love with him. It all started when I watched The Mortal Instruments: City Of Bones for the first time. I think I have been shortly charmed by his appearance before, not sure though. Anyway, whilst watching this utterly charming movie, I fell in love with him. Well, basically with Jace (his character), but then I started creeping on him and fell in love. Turns out I actually saw 2 other movies of him before: Winter in Wartime (Oorlogswinter, a Dutch movie. He played Jack, an English soldier) and of course Sweeny Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street (Jamie played Anthony Hope). Obviously, I watched these movies again just to adore mr. Bower. Not only that, I watched tons and tons of interviews of him, and downloaded video's where he sang and I just really adore him. I don't know what it is haha. My male celeb crush, I suppose :P
mr. Bower.
One last thing before I go to bed (it is almost midnight!): IT IS SNOWING! YAY. I am happy now but it was hella cold out there waiting for my bus tonight. Could have also been because I wore converse shoes which are not really suited for winter times. I love snow the most because it looks so pretty and wintery and makes me want to lie in bed all day and watch winter movies. Snow does something to you, doesn't it? (Apart from freezing your toes off). Making snowmen and having a snowball fight is also a good thing about snow and winter time. I made two pictures but Safari is being an annoying internet browser at the moment so I can't upload them.

Goodnight for now, and I will post soon again!
xx Irma

zaterdag 11 januari 2014

2014 Goals

Hello there friends,

The other day I watched this video on youtube, where Oli White sets himself 10 goals for 2014. Inspired by this, I decided to write my first ever blog post about my 10 goals for 2014!

1. Write at least one post every week. Now this already sort of failed, because we are already in week 3 of 2014 and this is my first blog post, but from this post on I am going to try to write at least one post a week.

2. I want to visit at least 3 foreign countries this year. In May this year I am going to Manchester so that is one, and in the summer I am thinking of visiting Scandinavia, or maybe London, or maybe Paris? Berlin? Brussels? I really don't know haha

3. I want to run 100 km this year. That seems like a lot. Why do I want to run 100 km this year? I run 3 km a week! Wait... 3x52 is... 156. Okay this could work :)

4. Have 50 followers/readers/how do you call people who read your blog and follow it? This sounds like a lot to me. I mean, I have never had a blog... well that is a lie. I have had a blog, yet never wrote anything on it. So I have had readers, but they read it because I asked them to. I want 50 people who follow this blog and read it with joy and all other good things. Or don't read it with joy. Fine by me haha

5. Get to know the ins and outs of the beauty world. Lately, I have been addicted to video's from Zoe (Zoella), Louise (SprinkleofGlitter) and Tanya (Tanyaburr) on youtube, and their make-up is just so well done and they really know how to apply everything and what colors match and they even know which brush to use for which make-up thingy... I mean, all I use now is mascara and eyebrow shadow. So I want to know how to apply everything and be actually able to apply everything pretty :p

6.  Pass my first year as a uni student, in one year. What a nice goal for 2014. This means I have to pass all my exams and well, most of the essays. This is going to be so, so hard (especially considering the fact that I have an exam this Monday and that I should be studying right now).

7. Visit at least 2 festivals. I really, really want to go to Lowlands this year, but it is rather expensive (100+ euros and I have to work quite long for that money). Or maybe Pinkpop, which is also expensive. Then there's also Parkpop, which is free. Mark the date, everybody: June 29, Parkpop Den Haag/The Hague

8. Also, I would like to visit at least 3 concerts this year. I can almost check off one already because on Januari 20th, my friends and me are going to see Maroon 5 and I am so excited! I would also love to see The1975 play live but I''ll see if that is possible haha

9.  I really don't know any goals anymore. Oh wait. On Januari 1st I decided not to make new years resolutions but to make a new years bucketlist, which kind of failed because I haven't made one. But whilst I was thinking of making a bucketlist, I decided I wanted to read 100 books this year. After a small calculation, that meant I had to read at least 2 books a week which is impossible (I really do like reading and read pretty fast but 2 a week is simply impossible), I decided to read 60 books this year.

10. Last goal and it is... Caring less about other people's opinion. If they even have an opinion about me. Because most of the time I think people have an opinion about me whilst in fact, they have not and I am imagining it. So if I care less about their opinion I can enjoy my life more, can't I?

So here are my 10 goals for 2014, it took me some time to think about, and I got a few from Oli's video, and I really hope I will stick to them. Not even hope, I WILL stick to them.

Bye friends, enjoy your weekend! :)
xx Irma