zondag 13 juli 2014

Shopping Haul

Last Monday I went on a shopping spree in Amsterdam with my younger brother. I finally had a proper shopping session again, as I managed to save some money. Basically, we went to Amsterdam to go to Urban Outfitters; that was the initial reason to go to Amsterdam. It was also the first store we went to and where we spent the most money.
Here's what I bought at Urban Outfitters:
 Hat/cap - 29 euro
 Felt sunflower chain - 6 euro
Printed top - 7 euro
Printed see-through shirt - 29 euro

But this isn't were the fun ended. My brother and I still had money to spend, so as we walked up the Kalverstraat, we passed by Pull and Bear. I am in love with that store since my first visit a few years ago in The Hague. It is good quality, pretty, stylish and rather cheap clothing. I wanted to buy everything, but couldn't, sadly. Monday I also saw the prettiest heels ever: a nude color pair of wedges, of 11 cm I think, with a platform of about 2 or 3 cm. And they were so light and easy to walk on, I was in love. But I couldn't buy them as I would not have enough money anymore for the stuff I did buy:

 Blazer - 29.99 euro

 Top - 12.99 euro

Leggings - 9.99

And then I still had money left!! Hooray! Meanwhile my brother got tired of waiting, and I also was tired of the fitting rooms (already, after two stores haha), we just strolled through the Kalverstraat. As we approached The Body Shop, I told my brother I needed to get something real quick from there, so he went into the Vans store. He's not a fan of make up stores, which is understandable.
From The Body Shop I got myself a "essential brush collection", which included an eye shadow brush, a blusher brush and a foundation brush. I only wanted the foundation brush, for my BB cream, but that brush on itself was 14 euro, while the brush collection was 18 euro, and I had a 5 euro coupon. I could not not buy it, obviously.

 Brushes from top to bottom:
- Foundation Brush
- Blusher Brush
- Eye shadow Brush

And lastly, I bought a hair product and two body lotions at Kruidvat.

 Toni & Guy casual sea salt spray - 13 euro

Victoria's Secret Body lotions - ??

Conclusion: a succeeded shopping spree, resulting in going broke to Berlin tomorrow, but at least I am going with new clothes and beauty products.

Next week will be a travel post, about Berlin!

donderdag 3 juli 2014

Summer's here!

Many of you might already have finished school for the year and have been enjoying the summer already, but my summer only started this Tuesday. Last Tuesday I had my last resit and had to hand in my last essay. Even though I have had some weeks off between my final exam and the resit, it still couldn't feel like summer, as I was worried about my grade and already (mentally) preparing myself for the resit. But now all that is over, however I do still worry about my grade...

Today is Thursday, which means I have had two days of summer holiday already. Yay! And I absolutely look forward to all the free time. Next week I will go home, to my parents, and will be there till the end of the summer, because of work. (work is not so yay, but money is haha).
But Monday I will go to Amsterdam with my younger brother, to shop at Urban Outfitters, and Forever 21, ZARA and all the other beautiful shops in Amsterdam.
Tuesday I have my first driving lesson, my aim is to get my license at the end of the summer.
And then the 11th I have a party at a friend's student house, the 12th is my birthday, I celebrate it the 13th, and then the 14th of July I am going to Berlin with my parents and younger brother. Then the 18th I am going back home and they'll go further into Germany with the caravan.
Then there's a few weeks of lots of working, I hope, celebrating my birthday with friends, and then the 11th of August I am going to Sziget Festival in Budapest. I can't wait already for the festival: so many amazing artists, the weather, the people, my friends <3

I am not too excited about working during the summer, but I do need the money. I have set myself the goal for saving for a Macbook Pro. I do not only need the money for that, but I still need to buy a backpack, a small mattress and maybe even a small tent, all three for the festival. Then also I need to buy food and drinks there... And I might want to save some money for next year of being a student.

Living the adult life is expensive.

However, I will still enjoy my summer, as I have great plans ahead of me.
What does your summer look like? Do you have any specific plans made yet?'

Irma <3