donderdag 5 juni 2014

May favorites

Even though today's weather doesn't show that it is almost summer, I still can't belief it is June already. May has gone by so fast, it feels like yesterday I went to Manchester on May 1st. Today I am going to write about my May favorites. It is not many, because I have forgotten what I liked throughout May, but these things I know for sure were a great success and favorite throughout May.

1. Tea Tree Skin Clearing Facial Wash. This face wash is from the Body Shop, and costs 10 euro. I really, really, really love this face wash; of all the face washes and skin clearing lotions I have tried over the years, this one still works the best. This face wash is suitable for a blemished skin, and it promised to give you a clearer skin in 10 days only. And it is true. Your skin wont be spotless, but in 10 days it is visibly clearer, and you'll have less breakouts. I still don't have a spotless skin all the time, but I do have so many less breakouts, and even days where I do have a spotless skin. So I am really loving this facial wash. Oh, and I do also use the Tea Tree Facial Toner, which is 9 euro.

2. Tea Tree Flawless BB Cream. This one is also from the Body Shop and costs 8 euro. I went to the Body Shop only to buy new face wash, but came back with a little more than just that. The second skin care product had 50% off, so I  had to buy at least 2 products. Recently, I already thought of buying a BB cream, as my face has redness and I felt starting with foundation was too heavy. So in the Body Shop, the saleslady advised me about the BB creams they had, and I was pleasantly surprised they actually had my color. Usually, I am either too light or too dark for all the colors. Anyway, the woman showed me how to apply it, and the cream feels so good on my skin, it is weightless, and covers the redness so very well. Also, it holds really well. I had it still on my face when I went to tennis practice, and afterwards it was still on my face! yay! :)

3. H&M Nail polish 'Lollipop lullaby'. I have had this nail polish for a while now, but have worn it in May again since a long time, and fell in love with it (again). It is a blue/purple-ish color, and it holds so good! All H&M nail polishes do; they don't chip after one day, they cover greatly (even after one layer), and looks spotless on your nails. Loving it, an absolute must for summer!

4. The Body Shop Lip Butter. Okay it might seem like the Body Shop is sponsoring me, they are not. Sadly :((( I just went on a shopping spree there. This lip butter is amazing, though. It costs 5 euro, which is rather expensive for a lip butter, but it is from the Body Shop Foundation, and the money raised will be used for three causes: one for babies who need a better home and are given shelter in a special home (I think), another good cause I forgot, and the third is for the bees. Yes the bees. Bees are going extinct and need to be saved. Without bees a lot of your food and fruits will be lost! The lip butter is in the taste 'dragonfruit' and is absolutely amazing.

5. 'Sterrenmunt' Tea. Yeah so I don't really know what the translation is of this in English. It is a Pickwick tea taste, and it is so YUMMY! It is fresh and minty and makes me really happy to drink. It consists of anise, peppermint, and licorice taste.

6. Sex and the City. I know it ended back in 2004, and that many people have discussed and criticized it already, but I JUST LOVE IT. I was 3 when it aired in the USA, 9 when it ended, and when it got played over and over again on Dutch TV I was still to young to understand it. A few months ago I started watching it, as I was scarce on series to watch. I fell in love after watching the first episode. What a great show, with great characters, great men, the best romances, the best fashion, and all in the best city of the world. Sigh. I cried during the last episode. I feel so sad there are no more episodes. Thankfully I have two more movies to watch, so it isn't over just yet.

I hope June doesn't goes by as fast as May does, and I hope you have enjoyed this post!


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