zondag 13 juli 2014

Shopping Haul

Last Monday I went on a shopping spree in Amsterdam with my younger brother. I finally had a proper shopping session again, as I managed to save some money. Basically, we went to Amsterdam to go to Urban Outfitters; that was the initial reason to go to Amsterdam. It was also the first store we went to and where we spent the most money.
Here's what I bought at Urban Outfitters:
 Hat/cap - 29 euro
 Felt sunflower chain - 6 euro
Printed top - 7 euro
Printed see-through shirt - 29 euro

But this isn't were the fun ended. My brother and I still had money to spend, so as we walked up the Kalverstraat, we passed by Pull and Bear. I am in love with that store since my first visit a few years ago in The Hague. It is good quality, pretty, stylish and rather cheap clothing. I wanted to buy everything, but couldn't, sadly. Monday I also saw the prettiest heels ever: a nude color pair of wedges, of 11 cm I think, with a platform of about 2 or 3 cm. And they were so light and easy to walk on, I was in love. But I couldn't buy them as I would not have enough money anymore for the stuff I did buy:

 Blazer - 29.99 euro

 Top - 12.99 euro

Leggings - 9.99

And then I still had money left!! Hooray! Meanwhile my brother got tired of waiting, and I also was tired of the fitting rooms (already, after two stores haha), we just strolled through the Kalverstraat. As we approached The Body Shop, I told my brother I needed to get something real quick from there, so he went into the Vans store. He's not a fan of make up stores, which is understandable.
From The Body Shop I got myself a "essential brush collection", which included an eye shadow brush, a blusher brush and a foundation brush. I only wanted the foundation brush, for my BB cream, but that brush on itself was 14 euro, while the brush collection was 18 euro, and I had a 5 euro coupon. I could not not buy it, obviously.

 Brushes from top to bottom:
- Foundation Brush
- Blusher Brush
- Eye shadow Brush

And lastly, I bought a hair product and two body lotions at Kruidvat.

 Toni & Guy casual sea salt spray - 13 euro

Victoria's Secret Body lotions - ??

Conclusion: a succeeded shopping spree, resulting in going broke to Berlin tomorrow, but at least I am going with new clothes and beauty products.

Next week will be a travel post, about Berlin!

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